Welding Courses that lead to a Welding Career

Alpha Training is your leading welding training provider, register today for our welding course and set yourself for a great future in your welding career.
Welding is one of those specific abilities that never falls out of style and is vital to our everyday infrastructure. If you’re looking for a welding career the first thing to do is find a welding course to take. If you’re wondering what to expect from the actual class, it varies but there will be elements of math, science, physics and lessons you might have picked up in high school shop classes. There are different levels of certification in welding but most welding courses will include a combination of classroom sessions, labs, lectures and actual work in a welders workshop. You’ll learn about your tools, safety measures and how to cut, fabricate,  and how to manual metal arc weld. Students will study OSH practices,  plate welding and basic pipe fitting techniques.
Alpha Training offers welding courses. Something to consider when you’re signing up for a welding course is that you’ll be responsible for wearing the appropriate safety gear and working in a safe manor at all times. If you are working for a company that pays your tuition we are more than happy to accommodate. If not our classes also focus on employee preparation – especially in terms of placement and certification.
The most important thing is to attain your basic certifications – that means finding the welding course that’s the best fit for you financially and according to your schedule. After completing that course, there will be opportunities to gain multi-certifications and in different areas – for example fabrication and pipe-welding and blueprint reading. Some welding careers that you might consider after completing Alpha Trainings basic welding course are; underwater welding, pipe-welding or even motorsports welding.
No matter what your desired outcome is from attending a welding course with Alpha Training, we will teach you and prepare you for a long and successful welding career.