Course Length: 22 weeks on flexi-weeks so you can begin your course on a date arranged with the Office when you enroll at Alpha Training Centre.

Days:  Monday to Thursday                      Times: 8.15am to 4pm

Breaks: 10am to 10.15am and 12.30pm to 1pm

Absences: Contact the Office if you are to be absent for any reason on any day.

Contact details: Advise the office immediately of any changes in your contact details.

Smoke-free Legislation: Smoking is only permitted in the area in front of the canteen at Alpha Training Centre.

Drugs and Alcohol: Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be required to leave the property immediately.

Safety Equipment: You are to supply work-boots, appropriate clothing, safety glasses and hearing protection.

Injuries: All injuries are to be reported to the office and your Tutor. A full safety manual is available upon request and can be viewed in the Main Office.