Certificate in Welding Level 4

Course Code: PC9282

Learn the vital skills essential for working as a welder where you will be in high demand and can choose to work in a number of industries.
Alpha-Training-Slide-3-145x145In this programme which involves workshop based practical work, you will gain the fundamental skills needed to gain employment as a welder. 
These include skills in industry safety, interpreting drawings and making calculations, recognising and setting machinery, thermal cutting, technical use of welding equipment, and Arc and MIG welding processes.


Worksite and welding safety, MMAW to AS/NZS 2980, plus elective units to allow trainees to select from advanced Mig,Tig, Plate, Pipe, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel or Aluminium units. Trainees completing this course will have obtained some or all of the welding standard AS/NZS2980 welding tickets, NZS 4703. Note: AS/NZS2980 replaces NZS4711.

Course Benefits

  • Welders are always in demand in numerous industries
  • Work in architectural, agricultural, marine, transport, structural, heavy automotive or general engineering organisations
  • Excellent career opportunities with career pathway assistance from the team at Alpha Training

Important Information

Compulsory units shall be completed first and AS/NZS 2980 shall be attained before starting the elective units.

The requirement for the qualification is to achieve 69 credits maximum. Any additional credits are at the discretion of the centre

Compulsory Units (34 Credits Required) – Course Code Welding-SPF

Unit ID Unit Name Level Credits
497 Protect health & safety in the workplace 1 3
2671 Weld structural steel with the MMAW process 3 6
2682 Weld steel up to 10mm thick with the MMAW process 3 6
2685 Weld steel structures with the MMAW process in all positions 4 10
2691 Cut metals using mechanised thermal processes 4 4
10790 Hold a conversation with others 1 2

Elective Units (35 Credits Required) – Course Code Welding1-SPF

GMAW (mig) Carbon Steel Welding

Unit ID Unit Name Level Credits
2672 Weld steel up to 6mm thick with the GMAW process 3 6
2673 Weld structural steel work with the GMAW process 3 6
2684 Weld steel structures with the GMAW processes in all positions 4 10

GMAW (Mig) Stainless Steel Welding *Pre-requisites for this option are unit standards 2672, 2673 and 2684 with minimum of NZS 4711 in the down-hand position

Unit ID Unit Name Level Credits
2674 Weld stainless steel plate with the GMAW processes in down hand 3 6
2687 Weld stainless steel sheet and plate with the GMAW processes in all positions 4 10

GTAW Aluminium Welding

Unit ID Unit Name Level Credits
2689 Weld aluminium in all positions using the gas tungsten arc welding process 4 10


Entry Requirements

A desire, and sufficient maturity to succeed in the engineering industry, reasonable reading and writing skills, physical fitness appropriate to the demands of the industry, good hand/eye coordination, suitable clothing and footwear, an existing or emerging vision for his /her own future and a willingness to actively participate in integrated literacy and numeracy improvement, if needed.

Qualification Fees

  • Fees are $9,000
  • Please contact Studylink for student loans and allowances 0800 88 99 00 or visit the Studylink website www.studylink.govt.nz

Other Costs

Trainees will need to budget for overalls, work boots, drawing equipment, stationery, text books and any personal projects involving materials supplied by the Centre which are additional to those prescribed and covered by the course fee. Such materials remain the property of the Centre until such time as payment has been received for the costs involved.

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